Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 1, 2016

In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Giacoppo regains lead with stage win at Tour of Japan; Problems continue with Rio Olympic velodrome construction; More operations for Stig Broeckx following motorcycle-caused crash;  Sergio Henao cleared to return to racing; David De La Cruz sidelined after emergency appendectomy; Skjerping alleges negligence with motorcycle crash at Belgium Tour; Team win rankings update post-Giro; Eddy Merckx accused of corruption; Police suggest one metre passing law will increase dangers; Jacky Durand calls for feed zone safety measures; Sci-Con world bike backing champion crowned; Recovery is key to stage racing

Police suggest one metre passing law will increase dangers

by CyclingTips

Police in the Australian state of Victoria are voicing concern over a proposed law that would require motorists to give one metre of distance when passing a cyclist, arguing that unintended consequences such as increased tension between motorists and cyclists could result in more crashes, rather than a decrease.


“The biggest concern for us all is that introducing a law where people can’t always easily comply may bring about more tension in a system where there is a lot of tension already between motorists and cyclists,” Transport Accident Commission senior manager of road safety Samantha Cockfield said at a municipal hearing.

Senior Sergeant Ryan Burns said that narrow roads and other infrastructure in some places would force vehicles into dangerous situations to comply with the law.

The police and commission both cite a lack of empirical evidence showing a positive impact for the minimum passing law, while other research shows an increase in tensions on the road, which could be exacerbated.

At the hearing MP Colleen Hartland cited that the one metre is already recommended in the driver’s license handbook. “Why not have it as law when it’s what you already recommend?” she asked.

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