Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

July 28, 2017

In today’s Daily News Digest: Cavendish still targeting Merckx record, also chasing Olympic gold in 2020; Dan Martin diagnosed with vertebral fractures; BMC Racing Tour de France team targets San Sebastian success; Tour de France runner-up Uran and Phinney confirmed for Colorado Classic; Lizzie Deignan, one year after whereabouts scandal; Professional riders’ association CPA votes to also represent female riders; Transcontinental Europe race begins on Friday, dedicated to Mike Hall; Car/cyclist ‘radar’ trialled in Adelaide; Video: Celebrating rider at GP of Beverly loses race victory and some skin

Professional riders’ association CPA votes to also represent female riders

by VeloClub

The Professional Riders’ Association CPA has voted at its steering committee meeting in Paris to integrate women’s cycling into its work, thus adding clout to efforts to further professionalise this area of the sport.

The group helps to push for better standards in the sport, with safety one of its major considerations. Former road pro and world champion Alessandra Cappellotto of Italy will be responsible for the new women’s section. She explained what needs to be done.

“The women riders need support to see the respect of their essential rights in terms of insurance, security, employment contracts and retirement,” she stated in a press release. “There is so much to do and we believe that through the CPA it will be easier to achieve our goals and give the women’s cycling a better future.. ”

CPA President Gianni Bugno said he and the body were fully committed to helping those in the women’s peloton. “I believe that our ‘federative’ model is the best solution to meet the territorial needs and bring them to an institutional level through the CPA, the same way as for the men’s athletes.

“We realized that even the male professional riders are looking for some better conditions for their female colleagues and we will do everything possible to make this happen.”