Prologue women's saddle

October 2016 Women’s Product Picks: helmets, shoes and saddles

by Anne-Marije Rook

October 5, 2016

In this edition of Women’s Product Picks, we take a look at Specialized’s women’s helmets and top-end shoes, Bontrager’s Meraj shoes and race-specific saddle, as well as Prologo’s women’s endurance saddle.

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Prologue women's saddle

Prologo Kappa Dea 2 women’s saddle review

by VeloClub

When it comes to riding a new bike, the first thing that I usually swap out is the saddle. Like most riders, I have certain saddles that I know work for me and I’d rather be a little bit like “the princess and the pea” than having to deal with discomfort or saddle sores.

When I received the Diamondback Airen to review earlier this season, it came stock with Prologo’s Kappa Dea 2 saddle. After my first ride on the bike, I found the saddle to be quite comfortable and went against my usual habits and did not swap it out throughout the duration of my testing period.


Prologo’s line of saddles features just two women’s specific models, the Kappa Dea2 and the Kappa Evo Dea T2.0, the former being a more endurance-specific saddle targeted at the enthusiasts rather than racers.

Taking after the higher end sibling, the Kappa Dea2 benefits from a similar semi-rounded shape, a cutout to ease soft-tissue pressure and a microfiber cover.

At 263mm in length, the saddle isn’t the longest on the market but it does feature a fairly long and curved nose to allow riders to adjust positions. And with the added padding and curvature of the saddle favours a slightly more upright position for longer days in the saddle.

Interestingly, whereas most manufacturers offer different saddle widths, Prologo’s saddles come only in 147mm. While it worked for me, it’s got to be a deal-breaker for riders with very narrow or wide sit bones.

At 282 grams it’s a bit on the heavier side, but with online retail stores selling the saddle at prices as low as $60 USD, it’s also highly affordable.

Why we like it:

The Kappa Dea2 is an affordable, understated yet comfortable saddle, good for long days in the saddle.

It comes in only one width

Price: $80.49 USD, $105.99 AUD, $60.49