Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

March 8, 2017

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Bennett wins Paris-Nice, stage 3; An interview with Paul Kimmage: Team Sky’s charade has been exposed; “I was officially burnt out”: Time to stop and look at the bigger picture; Noticeable split among Team Sky riders in voicing support of Brailsford; Gianni Savio continues fight for Giro invite; Janse van Rensburg abandons Paris-Nice after crash; Colorado Classic to be televised, streamed; Rupert Guinness to race across Australia; Second attempt at Year Record for rider two years after first try ended in crash; Research finds air pollution worse for drivers than cyclists on London roadway; 2017 Paris-Nice, stage 3 highlights; No Ordinary Night Film Contest 2016/17 – The Winners.

Research finds air pollution worse for drivers than cyclists on London roadway

by CyclingTips

In a reversal of conventional thinking, researchers found that air pollution on a London roadway is worse for a taxi driver than for a cyclist. The idea that being tucked away in a car with the windows up makes a driver safer is countered, particularly when sitting idle in traffic, since the tail pipe from the vehicle in front is at the same level as a car’s air intake.

“Being in a car is not like being in a sealed box,” said Professor Gavin Shaddick of the University of Bath. “Winding up your windows may give you the perception that the air isn’t coming through the windows and that you might have reduced your exposure to air pollution, but the intakes for the car’s air system are at the front of the car. And the problem is, they’re generally at the level of the exhaust pipe of the car in front of you.

“The advantages of cycling, of course, are that you are getting health benefits from actually having exercise and it’s been shown that that would outweigh the harm that would be caused by breathing in bad air.”

Pollution levels in the British capital have been of concern in recent months, with the mayor Sadiq Khan telling residents to act to protect their health from the “shameful state of London’s air.”

A Canadian engineer recently calculated the optimal speed for a cyclist to to minimise the level of pollution.

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