Sako7 socks

September 2016 Product Picks — Ritchey, WickWërks, Topeak, Scott, MilKit, and Sako7

by James Huang

September 19, 2016

September signals the start of autumn for CyclingTips readers in the northern hemisphere, but on the flip side — literally — it ushers in the beginning of spring for those south of the equator. In either case, it’s also time for some of the best riding conditions of the year.

In this edition of Product Picks, CyclingTips U.S. technical editor James Huang reviews a few items to check out before you head out on the road — a set of super wide-range chainrings from WickWërks, some higher-end alloy clincher wheels from Ritchey, Topeak’s cleverly compact torque wrench, Scott’s racing-focused RC road shoes, a novel approach to tubeless valve stems by MilKit, and last but not least, hard-to-miss socks from Sako7.

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Sako7 socks

Sako7 socks

by James Huang

“The socks maketh the kit” — so goes the slogan behind Sako7, a small cycling clothing company with a surprisingly big following on social media thanks to its eye-catching designs and a strong focus on those little under-appreciated bits of fabric that we wrap around our feet.

Sako7 manufactures its socks in the U.S. and Belgium exclusively, using 30-45% recycled fibers in a notably tight weave and comparatively tall 6-inch cuffs across the board. Currently there are 30 different designs in the company catalog, none of which are even remotely dull, as well as some full kits (made in Belgium by Bioracer) and bottles to match.

Our Take:

Sako7 plays heavily on the aesthetics of its socks, and there’s no questioning the fact that these are visually striking with in-your-face hues and bold designs. The wide range of color options makes it easy to add some visual flair to your existing kits, too, without any undue clashing.

Sako7 socks

Sako7 socks are unquestionably bold looking, and they also include some fun sayings on the bottom. No one will ever see them, but you’ll know they’re there.

Style aside, these have also proven to just be very good socks, with a very snug fit that never falls down, durable materials that have held up to countless wearings and washings, and colors that have yet to fade in the strong Colorado sunlight.

Socks may “maketh” the kit, but whether Sako7’s style fits yours is obviously a decision you need to make for yourself.

Price: US$21 / AU$TBC / £TBC / €TBC