Oath drops Slipstream deal, Scarponi’s brother wants action: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 9, 2017

Oath drops Slipstream sponsorship, team “not in jeopardy”; Scarponi’s brother calls for a cultural change relating to road safety; Froome named International Flandrien of the Year, Van Avermaet and Cant take Belgian awards; British Cycling chairman Browning to stand down; Orica Scott Announces Women’s Roster of 10; Suggestions carbon nanotubes may pose similar health risks to asbestos; Video: Cycling team of cancer survivors and sufferers make seventh tour of Taiwan

Scarponi’s brother calls for a cultural change relating to road safety

by VeloClub

Meeting the locals at the 2014 Tour de San Luis.

Commenting after recent reports that the driver who struck and killed his brother Michele in April, Marco Scarponi has called for a rethink in relation to road safety.

Writing an open letter to the Corriere della Sera after former Formula one driver and current Paralympics hand cycling champion Alex Zanardi printed an article in the same newspaper offering to help bring about a change, Scarponi echoed the sentiment.

“My brother was killed more than six months ago, struck by a van that did not give him precedence as he trained his bike on the roads of our hills, in view of a Giro d’Italia that would ride as a captain. There were five thousand people at his funeral on April 25th,” he said, going on to name some of the family who were present.

“After reading the article published on the Corriere della Sera on November 1, 2017, in which Alex Zanardi puts his attention on road safety by talking about re-education of drivers, I decided to write because I also asked myself in these months about what our streets have become. What a road is now, what’s on the road, and the only answer I have been able to give to is this: our roads are the favourite place for the most silent and horrible massacres. Because it is a long and endless massacre that is happening. There is no other word to define it.”

Scarponi cited statistics to back up this claim, and said that this can’t continue. “I strongly believe that the time has come to put into effect the cultural change that is necessary…this is not just a cultural change, but it is also and above all a political change.”

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