Froome’s salbutamol case, The Secret Pro’s reaction: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

December 14, 2017

Chris Froome urine test reveals twice the legal amount of Salbutamol; Nibali on Froome salbutamol case: No one can give me back the thrill of winning the Vuelta; Vuelta a España expresses ‘extreme caution’ about Froome situation; The Secret Pro: My thoughts on Froome’s positive and the bikes we ride; Tucker analyses Froome case; INRNG on what comes next for Froome; Podcast: Chris Froome’s positive; Ewan confirmed for Tour de France debut in 2018; Stig Broeckx pushes through rehab; Aqua Blue reveals 2018 kit

The Secret Pro: My thoughts on Froome’s positive and the bikes we ride

by The Secret Pro

Big news today. You can use all your newly gained Twitter characters to discuss yet another Sky saga.

I struggle with this one, honestly. I have to say, never I have seen more inhalers in one place than at a bike race. I don’t use one myself, but several of my teammates do. Do I think they are all cheating? No. Exercise-induced asthma is a real and dangerous issue. In the regular world, people might go their whole life without actually finding out they have it. Professional sports are so demanding that you notice every detail of your body. Is your right leg one millimetre shorter than your left? Maybe never thought about that, but every pro will have it checked a few times during the year. Checked and double checked. Does this account for all the asthma sufferers in the peloton? Probably not, but many of them are legitimate.

Second, no one is surprised Froome uses an inhaler. We’ve seen him do it. So does Vincenzo Nibali, on occasion, and many others (though that hasn’t stopped Nibali from saying today that “no one would give me back the thrill of winning the Vuelta again,” which is funny.)

I do know that Salbutamol is legal to a certain limit, Froome went over it. A lot over it. Double it. Apparently it would take something like 20-30 puffs on an inhaler to get to that point. That’s weird.

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