Your Wednesday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

November 2, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Van Aert and Verschueren defend in Koppenbergcross; Team Novo Nordisk CEO Southerland calls for more nuanced debate on TUEs; Vaughters on WorldTour: A race to the bottom; Shane Sutton responds to findings of internal investigation; Van der Haar returns to podium; Nicholas Roche talks about move from Sky to BMC; RideLondon-Surrey Classic and Velon sign three-year partnership; Phil Gaimon announces retirement; Bahrain-Merida filling out roster, has first training camp; Colin Joyce joins Rally Cycling; Jelly Belly trading gaining European experience with return of Tvetcov; Give your bicycle a ‘boost’; Ride a bike on your stomach.

Shane Sutton responds to findings of internal investigation

by CyclingTips

Embattled former British Cycling technical director Shane Sutton has said he wants to read the findings of the investigation committee that upheld the allegations that he used sexist and discriminatory language to female and parathletes. While the testimony given supposed to be confidential, Sutton has said he will use whatever means necessary to access it.


Sutton resigned amidst controversy that he told Jess Varnish to “go and have a baby” in regards to her future cycling career, and that he was heard referring to parathletes as “gimps” and “wobblies.”

In an interview with Sky Sports Sutton admitted to telling Varnish to “lose some timber” but renewed his denial of her allegations.

“I want to know how they came to decision and will use Freedom of Information Act,” he said. “I want to understand the rationale. I will continue to repeat what I’ve said from day one, that conversation [with Varnish] has never taken place. If Jess can produce where the conversation took place, who was there at the time – and I  believe that it was only me – so I’m trying to understand how they’ve arrived at that decision given it’s her word against mine. It never happened in the way it was described.”

“I can visualise the conversation quite vividly. The coaches and dietitians had sat Jess down and said you really need to lose some weight. Jess was confused because she thought the coaches had told her to get bigger, get more power.”

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