Bennett best in Turkey, Hofland in Famenne Ardenne Classic: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 12, 2017

Bennett doubles up with stage 2 win at Presidential Tour of Turkey; Hofland wins the Famenne Ardenne Classic; Santa Rosa fire destroys Leipheimer’s home, BMC service course ‘safe for now’; Sean Kelly: team has reached critical point in negotiations for its survival; Robin Carpenter signs two-year deal with Rally Cycling; Docker inks one-year contract with Slipstream Sports and EF Education First; Manly continues with Orica-Scott; Cycling Australia leans into track, away from road, in pursuit of medals; Changing names: WM3 is now WaowDeals Pro Cycling; Olympians’ chief: ‘We microchip dogs, so why shouldn’t we microchip athletes?’; Silca’s Tire Levers Premio: premium levers optimized for carbon rims; Zipp expands Sawtooth profile to deeper 858 NSW clincher options; Video: How To Foam Roll for cycling. Hype or real?; Video: Off-bike rivalries at the DVV Trofee

Silca’s Tire Levers Premio: premium levers optimized for carbon rims

by Dave Rome

Makers of premium bicycle tire inflation, maintenance and performance accessories, Silca, have announced new premium tire levers designed for use with carbon rims. Yes, a news story about a tire lever.

Silca states that modern carbon rims and tubeless setups have only added to the challenge of removing and installing tires. Adding further to the challenge is that carbon rims require non-metal levers to avoid rim damage, something that typically isn’t up to the task, or is too thick to fit under tight tubeless tires.

Sold as a pair (US$18), the Tire Levers Premio are made of two distinct components. The 105mm long lever itself is of a forged aluminium construction. It’s claimed to be sufficiently stiff and strong, especially when compared to steel-core tyre levers that often suffer from being flexible without enough strength at the core.

Sitting at the rim-side of the lever is a semi-rigid Nylon Pad designed to prevent any rim damage. This pad hides a ‘Flex-Core Zone’ that’s designed to conform (flex) to the curvature of a rim at the point of maximum load.

Silca claim its levers to be 25-30% narrower than other competing designs, stating them to be ideal for tight tires and tubeless-setups where access is often tricky. The levers come with a neoprene sleeve and are claimed to weigh 36g for the pair.

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