February 2017 Product Picks: Effetto Mariposa, skingrowsback, Pedalit, Dual Eyewear

by Matt Wikstrom

February 22, 2017

In the second edition of Product Picks for February 2017, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a look at some helmet padding from Effetto Mariposa, bifocal sunglasses from Dual Eyewear, laundry bags from skingrowsback, and body care products from Pedalit.

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Effetto Mariposa Octoplus kit
Skingrowsback laundry bags
Dual Eyewear bifocal sunglasses
Pedalit laundry detergent, sunscreen and chamois cream

Skingrowsback laundry bags

by Matt Wikstrom

The idea behind a laundry bag is simple: by protecting the contents from the rest of the wash, it’s possible to launder delicate garments. Skingrowsback has embraced this notion for its laundry bags, adding a few of its own touches to ensure that each bag lives up to its high standards.

First, the bags are made from a very sturdy and colourfast mesh, so they will survive a multitude of cycles in washing machines and dryers; and second, there is a wide range of sizes: micro (235 x 125mm); mini (235 x 225mm); mid (385 x 375mm); XL (475 x 475mm); and XXL (625 x 625mm). Each size caters for different sized items (e.g. helmet liners versus multiple jerseys or bibshorts) and can serve double-duty as storage bags when travelling.

The bags are available in one colour only (black) but buyers have a choice of 19 colours for the zipper pulls.

Our take:

Many cycling-cycling laundry bags are made of flimsy lightweight material and use simple flaps or drawstring closures that can come open in the wash; not so for the bags from skingrowsback. They are surprisingly heavy for mesh, which gives me a lot of confidence in their durability, and I wouldn’t hesitate to travel with them. Furthermore, I can see them coming in handy, especially the XXL, for storing my dirty clothes until I can wash them

I also liked the position of the zip, which is out of the way and perhaps less likely to snag on something and come open during a wash cycle. I was able to wash a couple pairs of jerseys and bibshorts by using the XXL bag without any trouble.

All told, skingrowsback has down a great job with its laundry bags. Some might hesitate at the cost of the larger bags, but I can see them lasting a really long time.

Price: Micro laundry bag, $AUD20 (~US$15); Mid, AUD$30 (~US$23); XL, AUD$38 (~US$29); XXL, AUD$47 (~US$36) with free shipping for Australian shoppers.