Oath drops Slipstream deal, Scarponi’s brother wants action: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 9, 2017

Oath drops Slipstream sponsorship, team “not in jeopardy”; Scarponi’s brother calls for a cultural change relating to road safety; Froome named International Flandrien of the Year, Van Avermaet and Cant take Belgian awards; British Cycling chairman Browning to stand down; Orica Scott Announces Women’s Roster of 10; Suggestions carbon nanotubes may pose similar health risks to asbestos; Video: Cycling team of cancer survivors and sufferers make seventh tour of Taiwan

Suggestions carbon nanotubes may pose similar health risks to asbestos

by CyclingTips

As detailed in a new study by Current Biology, carbon nanotubes have been implicated in terms of health risks. A study in the publication states that ‘carbon nanotubes are similar to asbestos in terms of their fibrous shape and biopersistent properties and thus may pose an asbestos-like inhalation hazard.’

As Road.CC notes, this could be something bike shop workers and others should bear in mind when cutting carbon fibre steerer tubes. Carbon nanotubes have been used for over a decade by manufacturers such as BMC.

The Medical Research Council’s toxicology unit stated that both long CNTs and long asbestos fibres induced the cancer mesothelioma in the pleural cavity of mice. However Professor Anne Willis, the director of the MRC Toxicology Unit, told European Pharmaceutical Review, that not all carbon nanotubes pose such a risk.

“The immune system does a good job of recognising shorter, thicker or tangled up nanotubes. Special cells break down these types of fibre and clear them out of the body, so not all nanofibres pose a hazard.” However it is not clear if the type in bike frames fits this profile or not.

Road CC suggests wearing a facemask when cutting tubes could be advisable.

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