QuickStep trio for Le Samyn; Swiss Side launches new tech: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 27, 2018

Gilbert, Terpstra and Stybar combining for Le Samyn success; Astana says it’s ‘calm and confident’ as budget woes drag on; INRNG assesses the Astana difficulties; Swiss Side updates its wheel range for 2018 with help from DT Swiss; Swiss Side strives to bring real-world aerodynamic measurements to all riders; Video: Kwiatkowski braves the elements

Swiss Side strives to bring real-world aerodynamic measurements to all riders

by Matt Wikstrom

Swiss Side AeroPod

During the launch of its new Hadron wheel range, Swiss Side also announced that it will be fast-tracking commercial development of its AeroPod, an on-board device designed to accurately measure the total aerodynamic drag for a rider and bike under real-world conditions.

The idea for the AeroPod arose during Swiss Side’s development of an instrumented bike in 2014. That bike was fitted with a variety of sensors as the company sought to gather real-world data on the influence of its designs on the aerodynamic performance of the rider and the bike.

Details on the new device are spare at the moment, but it appears to comprise two elements, a yaw probe and a pitot-static probe. The combination of the two has proven effective for monitoring air-speed and angle at the front of Formula 1 vehicles (and aircraft), which can then be used to calculate aerodynamic drag.

According to Swiss Side, prototypes of the AeroPod were put to use by its sponsored athletes during 2017 with impressive results, spurring the company to move forward with the project. The device that was put on show at the Hadron launch represents the next stage of development, a wireless device that provides a live display for drag measurements along with other parameters.

At this stage, there is no word on pricing or when the AeroPod is expected to be ready for market. For more information on the AeroPod, watch this video from Swiss Side’s product launch (the section on the AeroPod commences at 43:00).