Syrian women rally against harassment, Rebellin races on: Daily News Digest

by caley Fretz

December 4, 2017

300 Syrian women rally in Damascus against harassment of female cyclists; Bouhanni reveals his optic nerve was damaged in crash; Davide Rebellin races on; a Tasmanian start for Race to the Rock in 2018; Former US national champion banned for four years after being implicated by ex-partner; Magnus Cort breaks collarbone in training; Video: Colle del Nivolet inspiration

A Tasmanian start for Race to the Rock in 2018

by Simone Giuliani

The Race to the Rock is set to run again in 2018, with the ultra-endurance event throwing a huge water crossing into the mix this year as the start line heads east to the island state of Tasmania.

In its first year the race to the nation’s red centre started to the south in Adelaide and this year it began in the historic Western Australian town of Albany. The dash to Uluru next year will be starting right down in the south of Australia’s southern-most state of Tasmania.

The full details of the route, which will have to include either a boat or plane crossing of the Bass Strait, aren’t yet available. However we do know that one of the toughest races in an already tough discipline will start on September 1 and will undoubtedly contain long arduous stretches through the desert where supply stops are few and far between.

Australian rider Sarah Hammond is the only winner of the race so far, making it to the rock first two years in a row. In the initial year floods ultimately mean she was the only one to get through the race, but this year it wasn’t too long before she had company at the end of the 3,000 kilometre slog.

South African rider Kevin Benkenstein came in second while chief instigator Jesse Carlsson blazed his way to the Uluru finish line to come in third. Carlsson actually covered the distance in the fastest time, as bike issues meant he gave his competitors more than two days head start.