Your Tuesday Daily News Digest

by Neal Rogers

November 29, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Kenya’s Samwel Mwangi undergoes amputation after broken femur at Tour du Rwanda; Colombian Mario Paz Duque tests positive for EPO at Red Hook Crit in Milan; JLT-Condor team bikes stolen from warehouse in London; Tasmanian state government passes new laws to protect cyclists; Carmen Small starts new career path, takes on rider-director role in Danish team; Mara Abbott reunited with stolen commuter bike; Video trailer: Etixx QuickStep’s ‘One Year in Blue’ documents 2016 season; Video trailer: IAM Cycling’s ‘Keep Fighting’ from 2016 Tour de France

Tasmanian state government passes new laws to protect cyclists

by CyclingTips

The Tasmanian State Government will legislate for a series of road rule changes to make cycling safer on Tasmanian roads, The Mercury is reporting. Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said the main change was to enforce a mandatory distance when passing cyclists.

“The road rules will be changed to require motorists to maintain a minimum distance of 1m when overtaking cyclists in 60km/h or lower speed zones and at least 1.5m when overtaking cyclists in speed zones greater than 60km/h,” Hidding said.

The minister said a public education campaign would be ramped up to support the intro­duction of the new laws, adding that a strong foundation had been laid for the new laws through advisory signs and the “Distance Makes the Difference” awareness campaign.

“Signs have been already been installed on popular cycling routes indicating a minimum passing distance of one or 1.5m when passing cyclists,” Hidding said. “Road rules were also changed to allow motorists to cross solid centre lines in order to overtake cyclists, if safe to do so.”

Hidding said a Government survey of 600 Tas­manians had shown strong support for minimum passing distances. The new laws will be introduced to the House of ­Assembly next year.

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