Fraile wins at Romandie, Eisel has urgent brain surgery: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

April 26, 2018

Fraile wins stage 1 of Tour de Romandie, Roglic into lead; Eisel has emergency brain surgery to relieve clot; Israel Cycling Academy completes lineup for Giro, two Israeli riders to make history; Ted King: A letter to my younger self; E-bikes linked to rise in cycling fatalities in the Netherlands; Video: Col de la Madone (Menton) – Cycling Inspiration & Education; Video: This place is cycling paradise

Ted King: A letter to my younger self

by CyclingTips

Former pro Ted King has written a very interesting letter to his younger self, looking back at his life and pinpointing important moments. These include various experiences from his pro career, including an early impression of Peter Sagan, as well as the circumstances of meeting his wife. It’s very interesting and well worth a read.

Here’s an excerpt:

Your language skills will flourish when you sign for Liquigas. Yes, it’s actually called Liquigas. You’ll go to work for some heavy hitters with the last names Basso, Nibali, Viviani, and a young up-and-comer named Peter Sagan. Keep your eyes on him, he’s pretty handy on the bike. You’ll be honing your Italian while you help him with his English — Peter has a fondness for watching How I Met Your Mother and summarizing the entire show for you. The show isn’t any good, but it’s worth your patience.

There will be this one time when the Classics team is training on the white roads of southern Tuscany. You’ll have just ripped a particular section and as the group is slowly joining back together, Peter will come up to the group, pull a wheelie, and take one hand off the handlebars. He’ll be pedaling along with you all, you’re going uphill, he’s giggling like a young kid while the rest of you are still regaining your breath, then he’ll take both hands off the bars and keep riding with you, no-handed and one-wheeled. It’s up a 15% grade on white roads! Everyone is exhausted, completely shattered and he’s riding like a circus bear. So do yourself the favor now and try to learn how to wheelie while churn out 450 watts no-handed — it’ll be a good bar trick if nothing else.

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