Your Monday Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

November 7, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Jakub Mareczko wins Tour of Taihu Lake’s opening road stage; Miguel Angel Lopez fractures tibia in training crash; Cameron Meyer posts impressive track return at Glasgow World Cup; The rise of autonomous vehicles and their effect on cycling; Copenhagen achieves more bikes than cars in city centre; Highlights from the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup; 80 and still cycling.

The rise of autonomous vehicles and their effect on cycling

by CyclingTips

Driverless vehicles are on their way and likely to bring with them significant changes to our roads and traffic. An article in the Financial Times has looked at some of the challenges this new paradigm might bring when it comes to the relationship between cars and bikes.

Here’s an excerpt:

When fewer cars are driven by humans, in cities at least, there would be less need to segregate cyclists from traffic. This would allow roads to be designed as more open, shared spaces, Prof Parkin argues.

However, other challenges remain more problematic. Adrian Lord, associate director at transport consultancy Phil Jones Associates, says. “Once people realise that an autonomous vehicle will stop [automatically], will pedestrians and cyclists deliberately take advantage and step out or cycle in front of them?

“If that’s the case, how long would such a vehicle take to drive down Oxford Street or any other busy urban high street?”

Click through to read more at the Financial Times. And click here for more on the issue of driverless vehicles, published at CyclingTips in August 2016.