Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

June 17, 2016

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The Trans Am and Tour Divide: Shelter from the storm

by Simone Giuliani

Rolling into day 12 of the 7,080 kilometre Trans Am, the heat of Kansas was replaced with wild weather. Heavy rain and thunderstorms meant for some it was time to catch up on sleep, but with the racing fierce for the top positions, others toughed it out.

Leader Steffen Streich rode on, as with more than 4,500 kilometres (2,800 miles) under his belt he was past Kansas and in Missouri, which may mean he completely escaped the storm. The Greek rider also knows he needs to stay on the move to keep Lael Wilcox and Evan Deutsch at bay. By the end of Wednesday the pair in second and third were 180 kilometres behind Streich, but they were just starting out after a rest, whereas Streich was settling down for a break. Kai Edel took a solid grasp of fourth place as he rode on in the rain, creating a buffer to Australia’s Sarah Hammond in fifth. She opted for a long rest while the storm raged.

On day six of the 4,500 kilometre unsupported Tour Divide race the mountain bike riders didn’t escape the wet either and those at the higher elevations also had icy cold conditions to deal with.

Welsh rider Mike Hall maintained his record breaking pace and lead on local single-speed rider Chris Plesko, having covered 1,833 kilometres (1139 miles) by the end of the day. Australia’s Gareth Pellas held third, but he’ll need to watch his back as American rider Andrew Kulmatiski was less than thirty kilometres behind. In the women’s field it was still Australia’s Jackie Bernardi well out the front at 1,138 kilometres, but American Christina Nacos was pulling back some of the gap to take it to under 200 kilometres.

You can find all the latest rider updates from the Tour Divide on mtbcast.com and follow the live tracker. For the Trans Am there is also a live tracker and you can find more information and pictures on the Trans Am Facebook site.