Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

June 20, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Miguel Angel Lopez wins the Tour de Suisse; Lizzie Armitstead wins the Aviva Women’s Tour of Britain; Nairo Quintana victorious in the Route du Sud; Sep Vanmarcke wins the Ster ZLM Toer; Rein Taaramae takes victory in the Tour de Slovenie; The Trans Am and Tour Divide – The chase is on; Update on Keagan Girdlestone’s injuries; Peter Sagan to Bora-Argon 18?; Quintana, Chaves headline stacked Colombian team for the Olympic road race; Sean De Bie’s ‘custom’ leader’s jersey; Scaring Peter Sagan; Behind the scenes at the Tour de Kumano with State of Matter-MAAP; Le Ride – the 1928 Tour de France route on an era-correct bike.

The Trans Am and Tour Divide: The chase is on

by Simone Giuliani

After two weeks of the 7,080-kilometre unsupported Trans Am, Lael Wilcox and Evan Deutsch continue to try and chase down lead rider Steffen Streich before the miles run out. At times it has looked like the pair may just reach him, with the gap narrowing to around fifty kilometres but the Greek rider so far has managed to rebuild the buffer every time it starts looking as if he may get caught. At the end of Saturday he was holding a gap of around 100 kilometres.

Streich was lucky enough to have the all-important ferry crossing over the Ohio river fall in his favour at the end of last week. He got across, while Wilcox and Deutsch missed the last ferry and spent hours on the other side as they waited for the first crossing of the morning.

The leading riders now have less than a thousand kilometres (621 miles) to go through, though it won’t be an easy last few days with short tough climbs testing fatigued legs. Kai Edel continues to hold fourth, while Melbourne’s Sarah Hammond maintains fifth place.

In the 4,500-kilometre unsupported Tour Divide race Mike Hall continued to charge ahead out the front, with the Welsh rider shaping up to convincingly break the race record as he moves well past the halfway mark. Single-speeder Chris Plesko kept second and Anrew Kulmatiski third. Leading female rider Australia’s Jackie Bernardi was heading through Yellowstone and into Colorado, at a pace that should see her finishing in under 20 days.

You can find all the latest rider updates from the Tour Divide on mtbcast.com and follow the live tracker. For the Trans Am there is also a live tracker and you can find more information and pictures on the Trans Am Facebook site.