Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 18, 2016

Photography by Tim Bardsley-Smith, Cor Vos


In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Boasson Hagen wins stage two of Tour of Oman; Kittel triumphant on day one of the Volta Ao Algarve; Benatti best on stage one of Vuelta a Andalucia/Ruta del Sol; The white line is calling: an end to the year without Marianne Vos; Prudhomme calls for ‘strongest possible sanctions’ for mechanical doping; Porte tightlipped after further time loss in Oman, but team says no panic; Phinney gets season underway on Saturday; Cavendish, Wiggins confirmed for British squad in track world championships; USA Pro Cycling Pro Road Tour announced by USA Cycling; Best images from stage one of the Tour of Oman; Pikes Peak (Colorado) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

The white line is calling: an end to the year without Marianne Vos

by Anne-Marije Rook

Having been forced to sit out the 2015 season due to injury, Marianne Vos will shortly return to racing. She has given a fascinating sit-down interview to CyclingTips Ella editor Anne-Marije Rook, which is well worth a read.

Here is an excerpt:

“I had too many good days and too much hope to succumb to full depression but sure, there were bad days. Nights I couldn’t sleep and days where I’d wonder what I was getting out of bed for. I felt so incredibly useless. I always want to bring value to something and be of use. And how was I going to do that?” Vos says.

The frustration lay in the uncertainty. The not knowing when she’d be able to train again, race again, be herself again.

“You know at some point, you get really tired of people asking you how things are going when you, yourself, don’t know the answer. Overtraining or ‘overreaching’ is not like a broken bone. The doctors couldn’t give me a set date. I had to feel it out, find balance and that is completely against my nature. I want to find the limit, not balance. I certainly got a lesson in patience,” says Vos.

Click through to read the full feature on Ella CyclingTips.

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Feature image by Tim Bardsley-Smith for our upcoming “Roadtripping Wellington” feature. Stay tuned…

  • Simon

    Some good early indicators of form emerging. When can we expect a sprinters’ showdown with all the contenders?

    • jules

      sprinting is like boxing. all the contenders try to organise fights for when they are in form and delay bouts when they’re not, or their rival is.

      so, probably the Tour, which most of them can’t avoid :)

  • Nitro

    First time I tried to read the Daily News Digest this morning the pictures didn’t load properly (Dodgy airport Wi-Fi), but as soon as I read the “His response was, let’s say, somewhat unconventional” line I thought to myself “I bet that translates to Cipo getting his kit off”…

    Sorry to see that a press of the Refresh button confirms that my ability to predict his approach to life is still spot on…

    • Shane Stokes
    • Gee

      Why is it a bad thing? Good humoured paradoxical response in a standard Cipo way.

      Given he would have raced a lot of his career without one I can see how the changed attitude to helmets could be bemusing and revisionist to him – “I used to contest sprints, elbow to elbow, with testosterone filled prima donnas at 70kmh without a helmet and now you want to lecture me on my safety on a training ride?! Well I’ll show you! Look not a scratch on my perfectly tanned, immaculate, testosterone fuelled prima donna physique!”

      Pretty sure that is an accurate translation of the mind reading I just did, though I will concede my Italian is rusty.

      • Vanessawbell1

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    • GC_Frosty

      Perhaps we will see Super Mario at either Nimbin or Byron.

  • spicelab

    Is that Wellington in the top photo?

    • jules

      I know the kiwis are not quite as developed as us Aussies, but the dirt road suggests it’s not. I’ve been to Wellington, although with the perennial low cloud and fog I don’t know what it looks like.

    • Yep – the Rimutaka trail which we’ll be featuring soon. Amazing place.

      • jules

        ok so I was wrong :)

        • The locals tell us they’ve been having one of the best summers in memory.

      • spicelab

        Never done any dirt/gravel down that way, but the ’round the bays’ loop is possibly the funnest (mostly) flat 40km on the planet.

  • Cynic

    Good to see Davide Rebellin still competitive, amazing that he’s back to the same level as when he was doping. That’s great for the sport.

  • JJ

    Needs more Cippolini.

  • ed

    Whats going on Ritchie? International travel should be something pro teams can easily organise. There are 3 or 4 flights from Melb/Syd to Dubai each day and then several daily flights between Dubai & Muscat? – Yeah it proabably a 16-17 hour journey but its on your race calender and you plan as requried. This is BMC not some second string pro conti team on a shoe string budget.
    The Tour of Oman is not an easy race – would be a shame to see it fall off the calender. Oman has some pretty spectacular scenary. Those boys were flying in the last couple of kms.

  • Ben Greeve

    I’m going to be near Pikes Peak later this year, might have to take a detour…


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