Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

July 28, 2017

In today’s Daily News Digest: Cavendish still targeting Merckx record, also chasing Olympic gold in 2020; Dan Martin diagnosed with vertebral fractures; BMC Racing Tour de France team targets San Sebastian success; Tour de France runner-up Uran and Phinney confirmed for Colorado Classic; Lizzie Deignan, one year after whereabouts scandal; Professional riders’ association CPA votes to also represent female riders; Transcontinental Europe race begins on Friday, dedicated to Mike Hall; Car/cyclist ‘radar’ trialled in Adelaide; Video: Celebrating rider at GP of Beverly loses race victory and some skin

Transcontinental Europe race begins on Friday, dedicated to Mike Hall

by Simone Giuliani

The 2017 Transcontinental ultra-endurance race across Europe starts this Friday at 10pm in Belgium, its first running since the death of founder and organiser Mike Hall in March. The plan for the fifth running of the race will be to carry it out in the way Hall intended, following the vision he had already set in place.

“I’m keen for the focus to very much be on it being Mike’s race this year, and we have a team in place who want to make this vision happen,” Anna Haslock, previous race coordinator, new race director, and Mike’s former partner told Apidura in an article published on its website. “We’re trying to keep it on the path he planned.”

However, according to the article the race may evolve in the years ahead.

“I think, or rather I know, that the Transcontinental Race has potential to grow and develop and become something other than what Mike might have thought,” Haslock explained to Apidura. “There is an amazing team of experienced and knowledgeable people working and volunteering on the race, and there are already plans for new and exciting projects; ideas and twists for the future.”

However, this year is for Mike – for remembering our friend. It will still be exciting and thrilling, but it cannot help but be tinged with sadness, and I know it’s going to be a big struggle for those of us who loved Mike as dearly as we did.”

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