Ulissi wins in Turkey to take lead, Yates best in Iran: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 14, 2017

Ulissi wins stage 4 of the Presidential Tour of Turkey; Yates wins final stage of the Tour of Iran; Lappartient plans to ban use of corticoids from early 2019; INRNG on the Nudge Theory and Tramadol; Archbold signs for Aqua Blue Sport; Dombrowski to rethink approach after disappointing season; Williams re-signs with Orica-Scott; Twenty20 announces first new signee in Clyne; WaowDeals Pro Cycling signs Van De Ree and Rooijakkers; VeloNews bought by previous owner Felix Magowan plus partners; See.Sense enjoys more crowdfunding success for its next intelligent light; Battle Mountain set for community screenings release; Video: Two lives saved by one bicycle; Video: Bringing the family along for the ride.

Twenty20 announces first new signee in Clyne

by Aliya Traficante, Ella Intern

Margot Clyne, both literally and figuratively, climbed into the limelight this season with her incredible talent in the hills resulting in her first pro contract with Shoair Twenty20. The young Colorado native showed potential early on in multiple day stage racing but everything came together for the USA Cycling Hill Climb National Championships where she walked away with a gold medal.

“I am grateful to be welcomed into the TWENTY20 program,” Clyne said. “It is known for building world-class athletes.”

Clyne believes that joining Twenty20 is the next step in her development and is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn new aspects of racing as well as hone her current strengths. “I trust in the direction of the TWENTY20 program, and know that as I continue to work hard they will help me become the best that I can be,” Clyne added. “My goal at every starting line is the same: to ride confidently and create opportunities that impact the race. Past that, we will see what happens.”

DS Mari Holden is thrilled with the addition of Clyne, believing her personality and style fits with the team. “[Clyne] houses tremendous self-drive and also works well in a race environment with a team,” said Holden. “I am excited to see how she transitions and develops.”

Clyne is also a first year Phd student and has aspirations of being a career research scientist. Joining Twenty20 allows her to pursue both paths of cycling and school. “We have cultivated an environment within our program to accommodate the academic,” said team manager Nicola Cranmer. “Margot, now a first year PhD student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, will be balancing life as a student athlete. It’s no easy task but with careful planning, I am confident she will see success in all areas.”