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by Neal Rogers

October 14, 2016

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UCI Management Committee agrees to key changes to track cycling regulations

by CyclingTips

Following a two-day meeting held in Doha, Qatar, in conjunction with the 2016 UCI Road World Championships, the UCI Management Committee agreed to important regulation changes relating to track cycling.

Since early 2016, an extensive consultation has been underway to review the track cycling discipline. The review focused on the UCI World Cup and world championships, with a view to improve the “competition narrative” and create more spectator-friendly racing. Under the direction of the UCI Track Commission, a subcommittee of diverse experts was created to make recommendations, which led to the following regulation changes:

  • The Madison will be introduced for women at the track world championships, bringing parity between the men’s and the women’s events. In addition, the rule for a gained lap has been amended to be the same as in the Points Race (+ 20 points) and with points awarded every ten laps. Coherence between the Madison and the Points Race should make both easier to understand for spectators. Points awarded in the final sprint have been doubled in both the Madison and Points Race in order to keep the race in play until the final sprint.
  • The Omnium will be extensively changed with the new competition format being four bunch events (scratch, tempo race, elimination and points race) which will all be held on the same day. Dropping the timed events means the Omnium becomes a pure endurance event, bringing better balance to the track programme.
  • The new Sprint format allows more riders to participate (28 instead of 24), and a slightly shorter tournament with the four athletes clocking the best qualifying times skipping the 1/16 finals and going straight to the 1/8 finals.
  • For the Kilometre and 500 metre Time Trial, two athletes will ride simultaneously on the track during qualifications, and finals will be held individually in the evening.
  • In the Keirin, the sprint distance will be increased to three laps to make the race more tactical and the rules about overtaking the pacer have also been clarified.
  • To make the Team Pursuit more compact, two teams will now ride simultaneously on the track in the qualifying heats, and there will be no more finals for fifth and sixth places or seventh and eighth places.
  • A first round has been added to the Team Sprint to bring it in line with the format of the Olympic Games and similar to the current Team Pursuit format. This will bring more consistency and help fans to understand the discipline. Rules on disqualification and false start have also been clarified.

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