UKAD ends Sky investigation; Wiggins speaks of witch hunt: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 16, 2017

Citing ‘serious concern’ over lack of medical records, UKAD ends Team Sky investigation; Wiggins speaks of witch hunt, says he is assessing legal options; Is UKAD’s ending of Team Sky investigation a tactical move?; Hinault predicts ASO will withdraw its races from UCI WorldTour; How a father and son duo are turning a passion project into Women’s WorldTour potential; Video: Holden success at the Tour of Margaret River; Video: Cycle up a building?; Video: Action from the inaugural Urban Cycling World Championships

Is UKAD’s ending of Team Sky investigation a tactical move?

by CyclingTips

The Daily Mail’s Matt Lawton was the journalist who brought the Bradley Wiggins jiffy bag delivery to light over a year ago. Writing in response to Wednesday’s news, he suggests that UKAD’s decision to end the investigation may actually not be the end of the story, but rather a tactical decision.

Here’s an excerpt:

It would be wrong, therefore, to conclude that either Wiggins, Freeman, Team Sky or British Cycling have been exonerated as a result of Wednesday’s statement. But an agency with such limited powers have hit a road block after a 14-month investigation into a package first revealed by Sportsmail.

It is hoped that the GMC will be able to make more progress because of their ability to force open issues of patient confidentiality. At the same time it once again raises the question of whether national anti-doping agencies should have more powers to investigate. This investigation has again made them look toothless, given that investigators even had to inform British Cycling of their intention to visit their medical room when the investigation first started.

UKAD needed to close their investigation so that the GMC could progress with theirs. If GMC uncover evidence that is pertinent to UKAD the anti-doping agency would expect it to be passed to them. As UKAD’s statement says: ‘UKAD may revisit matters if new and material information were to come to light.’

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