Your Friday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

December 23, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: UCI announces reformed points system for 2017 and beyond, will reward more riders in events; Former world champion Petra de Bruin speaks out about years of sexual abuse during her cycling career; UCI approves suspended Funvic Soul Cycles-Carrefour team’s ProContinental license; Former British Cycling coach posts about Brailsford controversy; David Walsh challenged over Team Sky defence; Tour de Langkawi reveals 2017 route despite economic troubles; Thomas De Gendt helps with Tom Simpson memorial; LottoNL-Jumbo presents 2017 team, goals; University to offer student mechanic scholarships; ‘Richmond 24’ short documentary; Team Sky holiday video; Santa gets own cyclocross category.

University to offer student mechanic scholarships

by CyclingTips

Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana is one of the top collegiate cycling programmes in the U.S., thanks in part to offering riders tuition scholarships. Now the team is going to offer scholarships for student mechanics, the first of its kind in the collegiate cycling world.

Courtesy: Marian University Cycling

Courtesy: Marian University Cycling

“It takes a lot of equipment and many moving parts to compete at the highest level of collegiate cycling, and we have learned that it is more than one dedicated person, or even two, can do,” said Head Coach Dean Peterson.

“We are hoping this program offers a unique educational, leadership and mentoring model for students to grow as bicycle mechanics while being a part of a collegiate cycling program. A great mechanic is just as vital to the operation of a top team as the great sprinter is to a winning lead-out train.”

The school said the ideal candidate is a high school senior with two or more years of shop mechanic experience who wants to continue development as a mechanic in a race setting, while earning an undergraduate degree and traveling and working with the team.

“All members of this team are at Marian first and foremost to be a student and earn a degree,” said Peterson. “The student mechanics will just be turning wrenches instead of pedals. This is one more way we will develop students into life-long leaders and learners through the sport of cycling. We hope that this mentoring and teaching model will set an example for other teams.”

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