Garfoot wins at Santos Women’s Tour, UKAD faults British Cycling: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

January 13, 2018

Garfoot prevails through cross winds and climbs at Santos Women’s Tour Stage 2; UK Anti Doping believes British Cycling may have hampered Jiffy Bag investigation; Freddy Ovett on smashing Melbourne’s 1 in 20 record: ‘Sub-12 is gettable’; Dibben: The Classics are the big aim; Van Gogh writes about ‘mental hell’ of gender dysphoria; Video: Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros. – Ep. 2 Malibu w/ Phil Gaimon; Video: TL 3 – Total Lughnasadh 2017; Video: Col de Pailhères (Mijanès) – Cycling Inspiration & Education

Van Gogh writes about ‘mental hell’ of gender dysphoria

by CyclingTips

In a blog entry, Dutch pro Natalie Van Gogh has spoken about the difficulties she experienced in relation to competing as a transgender athlete.

Here is an excerpt:

Gender dysphoria, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Life is a mental hell. Yesterday another article was published about the participation of transgender women in the women’s peloton. With frustration, I read long-standing ‘facts’ that do not have any medical or legal basis. It makes it seem that one could simply adopt a new name and then ride along in the [women’s] peloton. I realize that this blog post will not change the world or the opinion of people, but if someone has the right to post half-truths then I also have the right to make a counter-argument.

Let me explain the process I went through 10 years ago. Mind you, I am talking about the facts of that time; in the meantime there have been changes and there is still ongoing change at the IOC (and with its affiliated unions and federations) as well as the Dutch Federation. There is so much change in recent years that even I have difficulty following it.

When I applied for a (racing) license in 2007, I contacted the KNWU (Dutch Federation) in advance to see if it was a problem that I am a transgender woman. The KNWU came back with a number of conditions:

1. In your passport you must have ‘V/F’ listed as your sex; 2. You must have undergone hormone therapy for at least 1 year. For me that was not a problem because those were conditions that I already met. But how did I meet those conditions? Well, let me go through the list in reverse order.

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