Your Saturday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

December 17, 2016

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Video shows Britain’s transport secretary dooring cyclist

by CyclingTips

A video obtained by The Guardian shows Britain’s transport secretary Chris Grayling dooring a cyclist, Jaiqi Liu, in central London, sending him crashing into a lamppost. While the transport secretary did leave his vehicle and check on the cyclist, the 35-year-old Liu said he was quick to shift the blame.

“One thing he did say was that I was cycling too fast, which was not true,” Liu said. “That made me really upset. He made out it was my fault.”

Grayling left the scene minutes later without exchanging any information. Liu said he has pain in his back, legs and head after the incident, and that his bicycle needed repairs.

“It’s my first and only accident and it came out of the blue. Definitely he should stay a bit longer to check on me. But maybe he had something more important than this to rush to.”

“This was an unfortunate accident,” a spokesperson for the secretary said. “Mr. Grayling got out of the car, checked the cyclist was OK and waited until he was back on his feet. Mr. Grayling spoke to the cyclist and apologised; they shook hands before he left.”

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