Vos comments on shorter La Course, young Belgian rider dies: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

November 7, 2017

Vos: La Course is not a Tour de France; Talented Belgian under 23 rider Vanacker dies; Cookson calls for backers for new women’s WorldTour team project; Police call on driver to surrender after hit and run involving 13 year old girl; Cyclist who flipped the bird at Trump is fired; Video: How a ‘dangerous’ stance helps Jakub Mareczko dominate; Video: EF Education First new kit day; Video: Man lifts car out of bike lane

Vos: La Course is not a Tour de France

by CyclingTips

Marianne Vos has given her thoughts on the decision of Tour de France organisers ASO to reduce the La Course race from two days to one in 2018, saying that dropping the second day may have been because the format didn’t work.

“I have to say I’m not as much involved anymore as I was a couple of years ago,” she told Ella CyclingTips, referring to her original lobbying for a women’s Tour de France. “So I don’t know much about the decisions and how the evaluation has been with ASO and how they came to this decision.

“But what I know is that of course, they changed from Champs Elysees to this year, a mountaintop finish and a time trial. And as we’ve all seen, a mountaintop finish was a good race. It was maybe a bit short, so they already extended that for next year. The time trial in the chase… that didn’t really work out as they hoped, so I can imagine the evaluation was, ‘okay, we have to skip that.’ You could have said, then we add a normal time trial or whatever. But La Course, it started as a one-day race, and they kept it like that.”

Vos originally wanted a separate women’s Tour: she now appears to accept that La Course isn’t the answer. “It’s not a Tour de France. It’s just a one-day bike race during the Tour de France,” she says. “You wouldn’t want to compare this to the Giro or to the Tour de France for men. It’s a one-day race where everybody in the whole entourage of the Tour de France is there. But it’s not where, of course, a couple of years ago where Le Tour Entier was aiming for, if you talk about a Tour de France for women.”

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