MPCC demands action; Martin confident before Il Lombardia: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

October 7, 2017

Daily News Digest: MPCC demands action from WADA on corticoids and Tramadol; Confident Martin hits strong power numbers in advance of Il Lombardia; Season over as illness forces Dumoulin out of Il Lombardia; Warbasse: Its not heroic but idiotic to continue with serious injury; UK Sport targeting Tour de France return to Britain in 2021; Spratt re-signs with Orica-Scott; Rachel Neylan leaves Orica-Scott for women’s Movistar team; Video: CLIF Bar Presents: Gavia Cycling Adventure

Warbasse: Its not heroic but idiotic to continue with serious injury

by CyclingTips

In a rider diary at, American road champion Larry Warbasse questions the ‘finish at all costs’ mentality in pro cycling, saying that his recent crash in the Vuelta a España made him ponder the masochistic approach that many appear to have.

Here’s an excerpt:

I considered how I would be lauded as a hero, broken body, gaping wounds down the entire left side of my body, hands unable to hold the bars, but still somehow reaching the finish.

Standing there bent over in pain, trying to reason in a state beyond reason, I had a moment of clarity. I might be able to make it to the finish that day, but what good would it do me? What if I were to hurt myself even more? Continuing in the race with a non-functioning hand, no matter how much I tried to deny it, would be a worthless cause. I would be unable to get a result, and I would be not only a hazard to myself, but to all the other riders in the peloton.

Again I thought, how ridiculous is it, this sport of cycling? We laud these guys who ride with broken bones, risking their lives and their futures, suffering through intense pain, for nothing but to escape having three meaningless letters next to their name?

Call me a wimp, but that’s not heroic. It’s idiotic. With that realisation, I turned around and hoisted myself into the ambulance without using my hands. I hung my head, thinking about the months of work, the weeks spent alone on top of a desolate mountain pass, the ever persistent hunger I withstood trying to shed every extra ounce of fat.

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