Your Thursday Daily News Digest

by Mark Zalewski

November 17, 2016

In today’s CyclingTips Daily News Digest: Resurrection man: Keagan Girdlestone’s remarkable recovery from a near-fatal crash; Norwegian federation alleges junior rider intentionally struck by police vehicle in Qatar; Thomas Dekker confirms ‘Luigi’ as his Puerto code name; Wiggins breaks media silence at Ghent Six Day; Allan Peiper believes Richie Porte can with the 2017 Tour; Dutch Giro start organisers report loss of 400,000 Euros; Segafredo extends sponsorship for two years; Norma Gimondi running for head of Italian Cycling Federation; ORICA-BikeExchange finalises roster; Mike Creed talks about plans for new team; 100th anniversary of record-breaking ride from Adelaide to Darwin celebrated; 1992 AIS road team documentary.

Wiggins breaks media silence at Ghent Six Day

by CyclingTips

Though Bradley Wiggins did not speak to the media during the London Six Day event last month, he did speak to the audience following the final race, and cheekily alluded to continuing to race in 2017. At the start of the Ghent Six Day event this week, which is planned to be the final event of his pro career, he reversed his media silence following his win with partner Mark Cavendish in the Madison and answered a few questions, including those about his future plans.

2016 Gent 6

“I’ve trained hard for this, you know? I’ve been looking forward to it, I really have. Nothing was going to p*** on my parade,” he said.

Wiggins chose the Ghent event because he was born here while his father, Gary Wiggins, raced on the track. He moved with his mother to Australia when he was two. “It feels like a second home really. I always say that when I go to London but that never really does. But when I come here, you know, like yesterday I went to see some old friends who we knew when I was a baby, back when my Dad was racing here.”

When asked about his comments in London about racing in 2017, he responded to ask him on Sunday, the final day of racing, but also admitted the emotions will be running high then.

“Especially when my kids come. Because I always think of my father. I was sat in the [infield] with me dad when I was one and I’ve got pictures of that. And because I have my own kids now… it will be really nice.”

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