Aru confirms Giro ride; Viviani chasing more success: Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 20, 2018

After mulling over decision, Aru confirms Giro d’Italia participation; Viviani chasing further success in Abu Dhabi Tour; Boom delays season start following heart surgery, but is aiming to return in Paris-Nice; The SHEcret Pro: lies of equality, accidental doping, and kit fashion; Cycling writer Tilin tragically killed while riding in Texas; Winter Olympian’s father rides 17,000 kilometres to see son compete; Perth bike path speed bump trial set to force speeding cyclists to slow down; Video: 4 Days Of Cycling With Phil Gaimon (Fog, Mud, and a KOM)

Winter Olympian’s father rides 17,000 kilometres to see son compete

by CyclingTips

Most of those competing at the winter Olympics in Korea have support from their families, but Swiss free skier Mischa Gasser’s father has shown incredible levels of dedication to the matter. The 55 year old Guido Huwiler and his wife Rita Ruttimann left Switzerland on February 2 of last year, planning on riding all the way to South Korea.

With just over a week in hand, the duo completed the monstrous 17,000 kilometres (10,500 plus miles) trip, reaching their destination in ample time to see Gasser compete in the Aerials events at Phoenix Snow Park on Saturday night. Also present was the skier’s mother, who opted for the easier option of flying in.

“My dad is crazy,” Gasser said after his qualifying on Saturday night. “He was a skydiver as well in his younger age. It’s just what they have to do.”

The duo rode most of the way, although a lack of permission to travel through China and North Korea meant they had to resort to using a plane for those parts. However their achievement is commendable, and likely made their attendance all the more memorable for both themselves and their son.

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