I’ve always been told to have an elevator pitch ready for everything we do, so we came up with this for Veloclub:

“VeloClub is CyclingTips’ membership program that brings us closer to our most loyal readers, and connects people like yourself to other enthusiasts. Not only does your contribution support CyclingTips’ independence, there are many additional benefits to being a member.”

But it’s not that simple, and since you’ve come this far I want to paint you a better picture.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, and influencers have lowered the bar on journalism so incredibly much that it’s destroyed the traditional business model for those of us trying to provide quality, trustworthy, authoritative and original reporting for those of you who value it.

When I say ‘journalism’ I’m well aware that CyclingTips is not a vital part of democracy and holding truth to power, but we are absolutely obsessed by this sport and want to make sure that we can continue calling bullshit when we smell it and not be just a PR agency. Whether that means honest and uninfluenced product reviews, in-depth reporting on issues in the sport, showcasing the amazing things women are doing in cycling, offering diverse opinions on sensitive topics, and giving our megaphone to unrepresented communities. We proudly do this now, and our members make it possible.

VeloClub is changing the game for us. Instead of us needing to bow to disingenuous marketers, press officers, and influential people within the sport and worry about loosing an advertising dollar, we chose a different path. Of course we have many valuable advertising partners and we want that to continue. They offer many things that make CyclingTips a better publication for you including athlete access, product for review, tech expertise, and much more. If you see an advertiser on CyclingTips, it means that we believe in them and their product and that it’s in your interest to know about them.

What do you get for becoming a member? We offer many things (outlined below) to keep you engaged and to add constant value. But what it comes down to is this: what you get for becoming a member is the knowledge and satisfaction that your contribution is helping us build a better CyclingTips for all to enjoy. We love this sport and want to infect every single person in the world with the same passion as we have for it, and that’s not going to happen with clickbate, advertorials, and all the nasty things the internet incentivises. There’s a reason this website isn’t littered with irrelevant ads, affiliate marketing, and tracking scripts selling your data. Our members keep it that way. 

We welcome you to be part of the community of thousands who have also joined us in our mission.

:: Wade Wallace, CyclingTips Founder


By becoming a VeloClub member you’ll be directly helping us to keep producing independent content that isn’t optimised by clicks, page views, and everything else that can make online content a race to the bottom. You’ll help us to improve our coverage of women’s cycling, to produce influence-free product reviews, and to continue our independent reporting. Our members enable us to create content with only our audience in mind while keeping CyclingTips free for everyone.


Engage with CT’s most passionate community online and on the road via our private Slack channel. In addition to being the perfect place to connect with fellow members in a welcoming environment, it’s also a place where you can engage directly with our journalists. We often need input and help, and the VeloClub community has proved to be invaluable to contributing their expertise and insights that bring our stories to life.


When you join VeloClub you’ll receive extra content such as full feature cycling documentaries, a weekly insider newsletter from our journalists that give you an insight to our biggest stories, and first access to our most anticipated stories such as The Secret Pro, Where are they now? and our investigative features.


We’re proud of the feature-style content we produce and at the end of each year we create a collectable print publication that acts as a time capsule of the season with our best work. Become a member today and we’ll send you a copy of our latest edition, as well as provide instant access to our digital back issues.


In addition to these benefits above members also receive a 10% discount off all products at Chain Reaction Cycles and 20% off CT kit and merchandise.

As a member you’ll also view an ad-lite version of the website and a receive an enhanced browsing experience to enjoy our content.

In addition, each year we host a VeloClub Summit at an amazing place on the globe to all share a once-in-a-lifetime riding experience together. We’ve been to Japan and Thailand so far, and our next summit will be the Taiwan KOM (when the world opens back up of course).

Last but not least, the VeloClub community hosts two weekly Zwift rides of varying formats that accommodates most timezones. Not only is it good for your motivation and fitness, it also keeps the banter fresh on our Slack group!


Our mission is to bring you the best content in the world that showcases the beauty of cycling in all its glory. We want to inspire people to love the sport as much as we do, and ultimately pull you away from the computer to get out for a ride.

Become a member and support our mission from $79USD / $100AUD / £57GBP per year or pay monthly, and you can cancel at any time.



VeloClub is a member-driven community of like-minded enthusiasts whose contributions help build a better, more sustainable CyclingTips, delivering more to you, our readers.

As a VeloClub member you aren’t just helping build a stronger CyclingTips, you’re also funding the creation of extra amazing content for the entire CyclingTips readership to enjoy.


As a VeloClub member you aren’t just helping build a stronger CyclingTips, you’re also funding the creation of extra amazing content for the entire CyclingTips readership to enjoy.

+ Annual magazine mailed to your door
+ Support increased coverage of women’s cycling
+ Exclusive content and first access
+ Special deals on CT kit and accessories
+ Industry discounts
+ Invite to member summits
+ Zwift group rides
+ Private social media groups
+ Exclusive access to our journalists
+ Weekly newsletter


While CyclingTips is a secure site, we don’t handle your payment information. Our memberships are managed by Pico. Credit cards are processed by Stripe, and neither CyclingTips nor Pico ever holds or sees any of your payment information.


It’s a valid question. But we like to think CyclingTips is different and we take enormous pride in what we do. It’s a labour of love.

We say “no” to more advertisers than we say “yes” to. We have turned down countless commercial opportunities when an advertiser has asked us to do things that don’t align with our moral values or that don’t put you, the reader, first.

Paid reviews, questionable charities, PR stunts – these are all things we need to pass on, even though they could pay the salaries of 10 people. We’re often asked to slip things by you in our editorial — things that don’t tell the truth or the full story — but we won’t. We don’t litter our pages with countless ads, blow out deals, affiliate links, pop-ups, etc. We pass up on all of these money making techniques to make this place a better experience for you.

Your support allows us to keep producing the sort of content you’ve come to expect from CyclingTips, all while helping us to create additional features. Your support allows us to maintain our editorial independence and ensure we’re always focused on working for you, our readers.


No problem. While we’d hate to see you go, you’re welcome to cancel at any time. You can either cancel from within your account whilst logged in, or alternatively you can email us and we’ll take care of it for you.