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Could Tom Pidcock win all three world titles in 2022? Let's break it down

So far, everything seems to be lining up for the 22-year-old Briton.

The women's peloton really wants a separate U23 road race at Worlds

97% of survey respondents want a standalone race.

Courses for the Wollongong Road Worlds have finally been revealed ... sort of

We now have a sense of what to expect in September next year, but not quite the full picture.

How the courses were designed for the 2022 Wollongong Road Worlds

Two interviews that help explain what's involved in planning for one of cycling's biggest events.

There could be an under-23 women's world road champion in 2022

There could be U23 women's road title on offer at Wollongong Worlds, although there won't be a separate event.

Be part of history! Design the official 2022 UCI Road World Championships jersey

Have a chance to win the complete gravel package courtesy of Canyon!

What should the Wollongong Worlds road race courses look like?

It's the first question that gets asked whenever a new World Championships host is announced: what will the road race courses look like? ...

Why Wollongong? How New South Wales got the 2022 Road World Championships

The announcement caught many people off-guard. Not just because it arrived at 3am on a Saturday morning, and not just because there were ...

Road Worlds return to Australia: Wollongong to host 2022 championships

The UCI Road World Championships will return to Australia in 2022 with Wollongong, New South Wales selected as the event’s host city. The...