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Time is running out for the female cyclists of Afghanistan

They need our help, and the reasons are not necessarily obvious at first.

Some of the Afghan cyclists are out, but it's not over yet

Shannon Galpin and her colleagues are still working tirelessly to evacuate those at risk.

Women who found freedom riding bikes in Afghanistan are burning their cycling gear

Once a symbol of progress, association with the bicycle is now dangerous in Afghanistan.

First and last, a refugee's ride to her Olympic dream

Raised in exile from the Taliban, Masomah Ali Zada's ride for the Refugee Olympic Team was about more than her result.

This is what one woman needed to overcome to ride in Afghanistan

Afsana Nawrozi got her first bicycle, a pink kid's bike with training wheels, when she was seven. It had arrived from the United Arab Emi...

Movers and Shakers: Afghanistan’s two-wheeled revolution

Update: With the belief that sharing powerful stories opens a door to understanding and change, Shannon Galpin and her team have been fil...

Afghan Cycles

Afghan Cycles is a short documentary film about the Women's National Cycling Team of Afghanistan. "The bicycle has done more to emancipat...