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Turning tragedy into change: Remembering Amy Gillett 10 years on

It was 10 years ago today when, on a training ride in Germany before Thüringen Rundfahrt, the then 29-year-old Amy Gillett and her five Australian teammates were struck by a car. The five teammates survived; Amy did not. The accident led to an outpouring of grief and support from the cycling community worldwide with statements …


Local charities partner with online retailers but face industry fall-out

The local bike shop (LBS) vs online retailers debate isn’t new. It’s been common knowledge for years that consumers can get cycling-related products much cheaper online than in store, but local retailers often claim that overseas retailers have an unfair advantage and that they are killing the local cycling industry. While retailers have had to …


Amy’s Gran Fondo

For all of you riders who were too cool for school and didn’t think riding Amy’s Gran Fondo was PRO enough, you missed out in a big way. Seeing over 2500 keen cyclists line up along the beautiful seaside town of Lorne was a phenomenal sight. Riding along the twists and turns of the Great …


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