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The UCI's new testing jig has lasers and algorithms

The new jig developed in conjuction with BikeFitting.com is said to offer accuracy, reliability, and quicker testing.

Simplon unveils 30-watts-faster Pride II aero bike and new bike fit system

Simplon claims the new Pride II is the fastest bike in the world and has a 3D scanner to get you fitted on it.

A do-it-yourself guide to fitting cycling cleats

Getting your cleat placement right is important to avoid strain and injury.

DIY bike fit with the MyVeloFit app

MyVeloFit is an app promising motion-sensing bike-fitting from the comfort of your home.

Beyond the top tube: Things to know when sizing up a road frame

Road cycling is a demanding discipline, if only because of the position the rider must adopt for hours at a time. As a result, the fit of...

Abbey Bike Tools Fit Kit review: Perfect saddle position made easy

Walk through the pits or among the team buses at a professional bike race and you’re sure to see large (and expensive) jigs in use to ach...

Bike fit: do I need one and what can I expect when I’m there?

Most people new to cycling tend to jump on a bike that seems about the right size and just ride it, accepting whatever niggles come along...