In this long-running series of features, we highlight a variety of beautiful bikes and tell the stories behind them. While there are a lot of exotic (and expensive) examples in this collection (see below), there are some stirring stories from their owners that prove that there is more to a great bike than the amount of money spent on it.

Submission guidelines

We always welcome submissions from our readers for Bikes of the Bunch. If you think you’ve got a beautiful bike and/or an interesting story to tell, here is what we’ll need from you:

Pre-submission: in the first instance, send a couple of sample images along with a précis of the story behind it to Keep in mind that we have high standards for Bikes of the Bunch and this is a non-commercial space.

Photos: high quality images are critical for Bikes of the Bunch, preferably taken with a mirrorless or DSLR camera. The composition of each shot is also important, so take a look out our article on how to take great photos of your bike. We require at least 12 photos comprising shots of the entire bike with close-ups of its features.

Text: there are a variety of ways to tell the story behind a bike, but we always like to hear about the motivation/circumstances behind the build, details on the choice of parts, and perhaps most importantly, what the bike is like to ride and how well it satisfies the owner’s needs/desires.

There is no word limit for Bikes of the Bunch but we may edit the story for brevity and clarity. If in doubt, add in detail rather than leave it out.

If you have any questions about submitting a candidate for Bikes of the Bunch, send a message to