Book Review

Book review: ‘Ride: A Memoir to My Father’ by Craig Fry

Cycling is a lot of different things. It’s a way to get and stay fit, a way to make and maintain social connections, a mode of transport, and an outlet for one’s competitive urges. It can also be an escape, a way to find the headspace necessary to process painful emotions. In “Ride: A Memoir …

Book review: ‘Faster – The Obsession, Science and Luck Behind the World’s Fastest Cyclists’

‘Faster’ is the third book by Michael Hutchinson, British time trial specialist, Commonwealth Games representative and winner of more than 50 British national TT titles, and focuses on the never-ending quest for speed and performance in competitive cycling. CyclingTips editor Matt de Neef read the book and put together this review.


Book review: ‘Cycle of Lies – The Fall of Lance Armstrong’

Cycle of Lies is New York Times reporter Juliet Macur’s addition to the long line of biographies about seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. It represents, for Macur, the culmination of many years of reporting on the Texan. Jono Lovelock read the book and put together this review.


Wheeling Matilda: The Story of Australian Cycling

Jim Fitzpatrick is widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost cycling historians and now the US-born writer has revealed his latest book, Wheeling Matilda: The Story of Australian Cycling. In this post Craig Fry reviews Wheeling Matilda and shares some of his favourite moments.


Tyler Hamilton’s “The Secret Race”

I honestly didn’t intend to read Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle’s new book “The Secret Race” this soon after it was released. Another depressing account into the dark era of professional cycling and quite frankly, I need a break from it. This stuff doesn’t affect my own love of riding a bike and it makes …


Essential Reading – Vélo, By Paul Fournel

A couple days ago I received a copy of Rouleur’s new book “Vélo”, by Paul Fournel. I picked it up at the post office and began flipping through it over a cappuccino at the cafe next door. Two hours and four coffees later I found myself finished nearly every story in this gem of a …


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