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Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF is said to be the world’s fastest lube, but is it?

A new drip-on wet lube that’s said to be designed for WorldTour performance.

Allied Cycle Works launches GRAX: chain lube optimised for gravel

A new drip chain lube that comes with some lofty claims.

Silca's pre-waxed, diamond-polished chains save even more watts

Pre-waxed chain bundle claims to be the world's most efficient yet.

Silca’s new Super Secret chain lube is like hot-melt wax in a bottle

It seems we’re coming into the golden era of chain lubes. Friction Facts originally broke ground with its research into the efficiency of...

Seeking the holy grail: A fast chain lube that saves you money

If you’re one that likes your bike running like a finely tuned machine, you’ll likely already know that chains often need to be replaced ...

CyclingTips podcast, Episode 23: Watts up with mechanical friction and chain lube?

There are four main obstacles to forward motion when you ride a bike: aerodynamic drag, gravity, rolling resistance, and mechanical frict...