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Meet Jack, a crowdfunded universal-fit front rack

Handlebar-mounted, built for all bikes, and blowing up on Kickstarter.

Titanum titanium: these 69-gram pedals are the lightest we’ve seen

German brand Titanium will soon launch scary light titanium pedals on kickstarter.

Meet the Superstrata, a 3D-printed carbon bike that's blowing up on Indiegogo

Hot on the crowdfunded heels of the Babymaker – and, before it, the SpeedX Leopard – comes the custom-sized, 3D-printed and seat tube-fre...

Meet the Babymaker, the terrible e-bike that just raised 4.7 million dollars

This mediocre bike with an unfortunate name is setting crowdfunding records and spreading across social media like wildfire. So what do w...

The rise of crowdfunding: Why bike companies are turning to public money

The recent collapse of Brim Brothers has highlighted the risks associated with backing projects on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter...