custom wheels

Extralite CyberFront and CyberRear SP hub review

Custom wheelbuilders have a great range of high-end hubs at their disposal, but when weight is an important priority, the field narrows considerably. Extralite’s CyberFront and CyberRear hubs stand out as some of the lightest on the market. In this review, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a closer look at these hubs. Extralite is …


Wheelworks custom-built wheel review

Wheelworks is a New Zealand shop devoted to custom-built wheelsets. The majority of their customers come from outside of NZ to take advantage of their bespoke service. They provided CyclingTips with two wheelsets to review to highlight the advantages of going custom. Here’s CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom’s review.


Custom Wheelbuilds, A Dying Art

Once upon a time, bike shops had to build the wheels for all their road bikes. Now custom-built wheels seem exotic and wheel-building is in danger of becoming a dying art. Regardless, there are several good reasons to go custom for your next wheelset.


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