How to be a good riding buddy

On Sunday I rode the Giro Della Donna, which is a stunning loop out of the town of Warburton, Victoria, consisting of 105 kilometres and 2700 meters of climbing. Fair to say, it was a tough day out for me and my riding crew. We had planned to ride this for months and were super …


How to clean your bike for apartment dwellers

I live in an apartment with my partner and eight bikes. The most annoying thing about living in my apartment complex is that there is no communal area outside that I can use to wash my bike – no hose, no workstand, NOTHING! So I am often asked how I clean my bike. The answer is …


A beginner’s guide to prepping for a cyclocross race

This is part four of a series on preparing for races of different disciplines. Previous columns  covered prepping for criteriums, time trials and road races.  Oh, the fun of cyclocross! Whilst it has been some time since I pinned a number on and lined up for a cyclocross race, the essentials for prepping for a cyclocross race …


My first cyclocross race: Tales from a spectator, a teenager, a mum, and a national champion

It can be nerve-wracking to try something new, and taking on an unfamiliar challenge on the bike is no exception. At the start line, experienced racers can look so confident and focussed that it is difficult to imagine they ever felt that queasiness in the pit of their stomach when lining up for their first …


Lisa Jacobs takes a third Australian cyclocross title, Paul van der Ploeg wins a tussle-tainted men’s race

A tight and controversial battle in the Australian National Cyclocross Championships has seen the men’s title shift again, this time to Paul van der Ploeg (Giant), while reigning women’s champion Lisa Jacobs (Rapha-Focus) managed to overcome injury to keep a firm hold of the jersey for a third time. Van der Ploeg, a former world …


Australian Cyclocross Championships: Defending champion Lisa Jacobs will need to leap an extra barrier

Australia is holding its third National Cyclocross Championships in Melbourne this weekend. The mud-loving cycling discipline has only recently taken hold in the country, but its popularity is rapidly expanding and the competition throughout the fields is heating up. However, in the women’s elite field one rider stands head and shoulders above her competitors. Lisa …


How the Race Was Won: 2014 Koppenbergcross

The latest stop on cyclocross’s BPost Bank Trofee series includes a portion of the famous Koppenberg from Tour of Flanders, so what better time to take a look at this unique discipline? Tactics and pack dynamics will seem familiar, but as the laps roll on, ‘cross-specific skills, well-timed attacks, and strangely enough, lapped riders will all …


CTech Picks: CX Bikes Under $2000

Interest in cyclocross is slowly growing in Australia, and as the cold and wet of winter approaches, riders can look forward to ideal conditions for CX and a growing race calendar. In this article, I take a closer look at CX bikes you can get for under $2000.


Euro Cyclocross Update – Part 1

Cyclocross has gained an enormous following in Australia throughout the past year. Race organisers such as Dirty Deeds CX, Trailmix, Port Adelaide, Illawarra and Ipswich cycling clubs have been doing a tremendous job at growing the scene and it’s only getting bigger.


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