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Oakley Sutro vs Sutro Lite review: casual performance

A review of two closely comparable casually styled cycling performance sunglasses.

Spotlight: Granite Design Aux bottle cage review

A quality bottle cage that can be strapped to almost anything.

Cycling Monopoly review: Pass go, collect $200, buy the Roubaix velodrome

Rich Uncle Pennybags signs Gilbert and Evenepoel. Not to any old team, but to Hasbo's latest edition of Monopoly. And we unbox it!

Spotlight: Lezyne Strip Drive Pro rear light review

One seriously bright daytime-running rear light.

Spotlight: POC Devour sunglasses

You like your sunnies big, you say? POC’s got you covered - quite literally, in fact.

Route Werks handlebar bag review: Brilliant design, brilliant execution

Fantastic stability, clever shape, mounts for all of your stuff, and a super-handy flip-top lid

Spotlight: Dynaplug Racer Pro review

Dave Rome's new favourite tubeless plug tool.

Spotlight: Therm-IC UV Warmer for drying and sanitising shoes

An ultraviolet warmer to help keep your shoes fresh and odour-free.

Spotlight: MAAP x 100% Glendale sunglasses

A short review of the limited-edition eyewear.

Spotlight: Arundel Shop Inflator

A dedicated Presta inflator for use with any air compressor.

Jabra Elite Active 75t headphone review: Hear hear?

The Jabra Elite Active 75t in-ears are water-proof, dust-proof and with an impressive features list ... but how do they go for cycling?

Bivo One water bottle review: better flow by focusing on air

Bivo’s goal was to make a water bottle that sucks less ... or should that be, sucks more?

Peak Design Mobile phone case and mounts: A viable competitor to Quad Lock

Best known for its high-end and innovative camera accessories, Peak Design is now expanding into a new market with an ecosystem of mobile...

Quad Lock mobile phone mount review: Solid and secure

Once a crowdfunded start-up making phone mounts for cyclists, Quad Lock has grown to become an international name. The Melbourne-based co...

100% Speedcraft XS sunglasses review: Better fit for smaller faces

I never realized the sunglasses I had been using for the last 10 years were not a proper fit for my face. I knew what “too big” looked li...

CT Tech Round-Up #8: New gear from Parcours, Goodyear, Attaquer, and more

A lot of new gear gets sent to us here at CyclingTips. Our Tech Round-Ups are a look at some of that gear. Sometimes we'll feature produc...

Granite Design Stash RCX multi-tool review: Hidden in a carbon steerer

Hidden on-the-bike tools have quickly become commonplace within the mountain bike world. However such things have been a little slower to...

Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedal review: simply great

Power meter pedals have been around a fair while, but only in recent years have they got to a point where I’d want them on my own bike. G...

Roka Matador sunglass review: A polarizing shape, but super fit and optics

I’ve had a soft spot for Oakley ever since my first bike shop job in the early 1990s when I bought my first pair of (blissfully discounte...

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger floor pump review: Tubeless without a compressor

As far as tubeless technology has progressed, it’s still more often than not that you'll need more than a standard floor pump to get tire...

Solar-powered sunglasses: POC Aspire Solar Switch review

POC’s latest eyewear innovation incorporates a solar-powered liquid crystal panel in the lens that instantly darkens or lightens dependin...