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Kask puts MIPS on notice with new WG11 rotational impact test

Testing with more human-like headforms that account for hair and scalp suggests standalone features like MIPS might not be necessary.

Giro Eclipse Spherical helmet review: Free speed without the usual drawbacks

The Eclipse Spherical is supposedly the most aero helmet Giro has ever made, but it’s also good at being an everyday lid – even in the heat.

Specialized reveals new Prevail 3 and Evade 3 helmets – plus a bonkers TT lid

Improved ventilation, more consistent fits, and a new design language — plus a bonkers new TT helmet.

KAV Sports Portola helmet review: 3D-printed safety, made just for you

Limited appeal for riders with average-shaped heads, but a potential revelation for outliers.

Lazer swaps MIPS for KinetiCore, with rotational protection right in the foam

Lazer is moving away from its longstanding MIPS partnership, but the replacement supposedly works just as well, has fewer compromises, an...

The Giro Eclipse Spherical might be the new top dog in aero road helmets

Latest-gen safety tech, a slippery shape, a good weight, and smart aesthetics should make this thing pretty popular.

Kask Wasabi helmet review: All-weather versatility with an aero bonus

The sliding vent is more effective and way easier to use than the old Infinito.

Giant Rev Pro MIPS helmet review: A top-end option with a fussy fit

The top-tier road helmet from the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.

Specialized S-Works Prevail II Vent helmet review: So much air

Unless you really feel the need to save those ten grams, this is the S-Works helmet to get

Review: Met's new Manta aero helmet adds MIPS and motorsport

More aero, safer, and with an exhaust, MET's new Manta aero helmet was inspired by automotive design and wind-tunnel testing.

POC changes gears with new sub-200 gram Ventral Lite road helmet

Super light, extremely well ventilated, and very comfortable, but there's no MIPS to be found here.

Brew Review: Scott Centric Plus helmet

Welcome to a new series for 2021, the Brew Review. A review in the time it takes to brew a good cup of coffee. I know you're a busy cycli...

Lazer Sphere MIPS helmet review: 5 stars and great styling at a fair price

A more affordable helmet with good looks and top-rated protection

Shoddy's best budget product picks of 2020

This last vid for 2020 is all about me trying to right a wrong. It's a round-up of products that impressed me but don't cost a bundle, wh...

Kask Mojito3 helmet review: A modern redo of a long-standing fan favorite

The midrange Mojito isn’t the flashiest model in the Kask helmet range, but it’s arguably the company’s most important with nearly a mill...

Lazer G1 Genesis MIPS helmet review: Testing the "safest" road helmet

It was less than a year ago that Lazer – now under the ownership of Shimano – brought the Genesis name back to its top-tier racing helmet...

Rudy Project Spectrum helmet review: Moving closer to the big leagues

Marching forward Rudy Project was long known as a discount brand. Although its catalog of helmets and sunglasses has always been impressi...

The $200 cycling clothing challenge

Let's face it: cycling kit can be stupidly expensive. Like really, really bloody expensive. The top-end kit is nice (most of the time), b...

Lazer Century MIPS helmet review: Heavy, but also slick and safe

Lazer seems to be making a habit lately of developing road helmets that have moving and/or interchangeable pieces in order to expand thei...

MET Trenta 3K helmet review: Aero and airy

Aero helmets are widely regarded as being one of the most cost-efficient ways to squeeze out some extra speed. I’ve used a lot of them ov...

Bontrager Specter WaveCel helmet review: Next-gen tech, curious ventilation

Bontrager’s mega-hyped WaveCel helmet liner technology certainly generated a lot of discussion when it was unveiled to world in March, if...