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Upstart brand Udog brings a fresh idea to cycling shoes

The new direct-to-consumer brand boasts some industry heavy-hitters and a novel idea.

Revamped Bontrager Circuit road shoes cost less, add comfort and performance

New laminated upper materials, a sturdier hold, and better ventilation than the previous version.

Velosamba? Shut up and take my money, Adidas

The iconic Samba design is now available in a cycling shoe.

The best indoor cycling shoes and do you really need them?

Indoor cycling is booming. Indoor specific garments are now a thing, but do we need indoor specific shoes?

Adidas is back in the cycling shoe game

Fifteen years on from its last cycling shoe, Adidas has made a return with a new offering simply called “The Road Cycling Shoe”. Accordin...

Giro launches new Regime road shoe, $200 cheaper than top-end Imperial

Giro has added two new road shoes to its lineup, the Regime and Regime W, offering similar design and materials to the top-end Giro Imper...

Coming to a shoe near you: Boa announces new Li2 dials

From wrist braces, to snowboard boots, to saddlebags and, of course, cycling shoes, Boa’s wire-based dials are found just about anywhere ...