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Nerd Alert podcast: It turns out even pro teams can’t get bikes or parts, either

Hot takes from Caley, Ronan and Shoddy on the ground at the World Championships in Leuven.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Clearing up the road tubeless wheels and tires confusion

A little insight from Bastien Donzé, Zipp's product manager.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Inside the mind of Dangerholm

Gustav Gullholm joins Dave Rome to chat custom bikes.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Separating chain lube testing fact from fiction

The founders of Zero Friction Cycling and FrictionFacts speak about what works and what doesn’t.

Nerd Alert podcast: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Maybe it's time to look outside the major component manufacturers.

Nerd Alert podcast: Thermoplastic carbon composites are back!

A deep dive with Ben Lloyd of Cygnet Texkimp Ltd.

Nerd Alert podcast: Oversized derailleur pulleys for everybody!

But are they really worth the price-tag?

Nerd Alert podcast: So you say you want to build your own carbon frame…

Hear from Carl Strong of Pursuit Cycles .

Nerd Alert Podcast: On the roadification of gravel bikes

And the return of molded carbon wheels.

Nerd Alert Podcast: That crazy single-sided Cervelo, and details on Cannondale’s new TT bike

The Nerd Alert podcast talks bikes at the Tour de France.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Preventing mechanicals with pro wrench Brad Copeland

A deep dive into preventing ride or race-ending mechanicals and how to deal with them when things do go wrong.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Tubulars aren’t dead yet

James chats with Morgan Nicol from Challenge about their latest tubulars.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Digging through the tech at Unbound Gravel

Dan Cavallari joins the podcast to talk about the tech he saw on the ground in Kansas.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Expensive vs. budget carbon wheels

... and why Wahoo should look down, not up?

Nerd Alert Podcast: How much mountain bike is too much when it comes to gravel bike geometry?

Mark Hester joined the podcast to chat about gravel bikes and where things may be headed in the world of groad.

Nerd Alert Podcast: How 3-D printing is revolutionizing the Australian custom bike industry

Plus, upcoming developments in gravel bike suspension.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Summer is coming, but don't put your trainer away yet...

Ronan spoke with David Bailey, Stephen Barrett, and Jonathan Lee about the benefits of keeping up the indoor miles during the summer.