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Nerd Alert podcast: The 2021 CyclingTippies tech awards!

The Nerds dish out some last minute awards with a side of sass.

Nerd Alert podcast: The CEO of SRAM gives us the lowdown on the supply chain

Questions we've had for over a year finally answered.

Nerd Alert podcast: Designing a cyclocross race bike that isn’t a gravel bike

With Maria Benson and Scott Roy from Cervelo.

Nerd Alert podcast: Loved products that didn’t make our top 10s

With Dave Rome and Ronan McLaughlin.

Nerd Alert podcast: Turns out some bikes are more sustainable than others

Discussing Trek's Sustainability Report with Eric Bjorling.

Nerd Alert podcast: Aero gravel wheels are coming

With special guest Luisa Grappone.

Nerd Alert podcast: All of our bikes and parts should be repairable

It’s not all that bad as far as the bike industry is concerned, but it could be better.

Nerd Alert podcast: If we ran the bike industry…

Petition to put the Nerds in charge of the bike industry?

Nerd Alert podcast: Risks vs. rewards of internal cable routing

Plus a whole lot of Ask a Mechanic.

Nerd Alert podcast: It turns out even pro teams can’t get bikes or parts, either

Hot takes from Caley, Ronan and Shoddy on the ground at the World Championships in Leuven.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Clearing up the road tubeless wheels and tires confusion

A little insight from Bastien Donzé, Zipp's product manager.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Inside the mind of Dangerholm

Gustav Gullholm joins Dave Rome to chat custom bikes.

Nerd Alert Podcast: Separating chain lube testing fact from fiction

The founders of Zero Friction Cycling and FrictionFacts speak about what works and what doesn’t.

Nerd Alert podcast: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Maybe it's time to look outside the major component manufacturers.

Nerd Alert podcast: Thermoplastic carbon composites are back!

A deep dive with Ben Lloyd of Cygnet Texkimp Ltd.