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Nerd Alert podcast: Looking under the hood of Shimano Di2

Chatting all things Di2 shifting with Di2 nerd Better Shifting Terry.

Nerd Alert podcast: Should more people consider a custom bike instead of a production one?

We finally have our full crew of Nerds back on this week’s episode, and boy, was there a lot to discuss.

Nerd Alert podcast: Does it matter where your bike is built?

And finally, after a long hiatus, it’s another round of Ask a Mechanic!

Nerd Alert podcast: The future of aero wheel development might be a bit rocky

Buckle up for this one; we’re about to get real nerdy here.

Nerd Alert podcast: Tech from the Tour paddock

Proof of just how versatile a modern race bike has become, and that the weight-obsessed are still around.

Nerd Alert podcast: Flat tires and sketchy brakes — it’s Field Test time again!

James Huang, Dave Rome, Betsy Welch, and Ellen Noble chat Field Test.

Nerd Alert podcast: Does the world really need another premium bike brand?

Why on earth would someone think it’s a good idea to start yet another one given this hyper-competitive environment?

Nerd Alert podcast: So. Many. New. Bikes.

Chatting yet-to-be-released bikes and the best from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

Nerd Alert podcast: Things that shouldn’t break 

Chatting steerer tubes and safety concerns with carbon repair expert Raoul Luescher.

Nerd Alert podcast: A little honesty goes a long way 

Discussing the latest in the world of cycling tech.

Nerd Alert podcast: The future of helmet safety

Chatting WG11, the European Working Group focussed on the evolution of helmet safety standards.

Nerd Alert podcast: To lug or not to lug? That is the question

Colnago’s new C68 is technically still a bunch of carbon fiber sections glued together, but for better or worse, it no longer sports the ...

Nerd Alert podcast: Recycling carbon fiber is no longer a pipe dream

Old broken frames? Random components? Scrap uncured pre-preg? It’s all good, according to CFR.

Nerd Alert podcast: Tubeless domination at Paris-Roubaix

And a look at the state of retail.

Nerd Alert podcast: What were the coolest things we saw at Sea Otter today?

The Nerds were on the ground in California!

Nerd Alert podcast: Inside the mind of mad scientist custom builder Rob English

What makes English tick, and where does he get his ideas from?

Nerd Alert podcast: Confused about tubeless and tire pressures? You’re not alone.

Join Dave Rome, James Huang and Josh Poertner as they discuss all things from hookless road woes, tyre pressure calculators, and how tyre...

Nerd Alert podcast: Finding the best chain lube for your needs

A deep dive on chain lube selection with Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling

Nerd Alert podcast: LeMond is back in the road business, but is it for real?

Plus, the pros and cons of Wahoo's new Kick Rollr smart trainer.