Descend better and faster

There is no better feeling than flying down a descent on your bike. I just love going fast and the feeling of (high) speed on my bike. Good descending skills are an advantage, and races can be lost or won on descents. Today, I can say that I’m good at descending fast but that wasn’t …


5 of the best descending videos

After showcasing Peter Sagan’s descending skills earlier this week from Stage 16, and the response we received in the comments, we thought we’d bring you some of our favourite descending videos from recent years. In no particular order, here’s 5 of the best. 1. Fresh in our memories from this year’s Criterium du Dauphine is …


How To: Descend quickly and safely

Descending is a skill that’s better learned on the bike than by reading a blog.   However, two-time Olympian Rob Crowe does a fantastic job of breaking down the art of riding downhill.  Descending is obviously full of risks but when done correctly with good technique it will make your ride downhill much more safe.  Remember …


How to descend like a pro

Pro cyclists adopt many different positions so that they can descend as quickly as possible. In this video the guys at GCN have some tips on how you can get aero to descend fast.


Descending Mount Buller With Gerro

Over the weekend Simon Gerrans and I rode to the top of Mt Buller from Mansfield. It took us about 50 minutes to ascend, but holding onto the wheel of one of the best descenders of the world took us to the bottom in about 13 mins. Gerro looks calm, cool and collected, but I …


Cipollini Bond – Behind the scenes

A couple months ago Cipollini Bikes published an over-the-top “James Bond” style film that only Super Mario himself could pull of. They’ve now released a “behind the scenes” segment of this short film. These are two 14 minute clips of Mario Cipollini descending the Passo del Cipollaio (near Lucca, Italy) from two different angles, and …


Speed Wobble – When The Bike Shakes Its Head

Image by Endless Pedal One of the most frightening experiences a cyclist can encounter is getting up to 70km/hr and experiencing speed wobble (a.k.a “death wobble” or “speed shimmy”) while approaching a corner.  A couple weeks ago when I was chatting to Darren Baum about the geometry of a bike and how it affects handling, the …


Descending Tips

Descending is a skill that’s better learned on the bike than by reading a blog.   However, if there’s one guy who can break it down step by step and teach the art of descending it’s two-time Olympian Rob Crowe. 


Taking Risks

It must be a horrific time for family and friends of the unfortunate Melbourne cyclist whose life was cut short this past weekend.  From what I understand he was descending down one of the popular training roads (2Bays),  lost control on some loose gravel,  and ran into an oncoming truck.  My condolences to everyone connected …


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