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A flat mount disc caliper on a post mount frame? There’s an adapter for that 

Wolf Tooth's latest product is a welcomed offering, although it's not the first of its kind.

A complete FAQ to disc brakes

Answering all the commonly asked questions, this is your ultimate guide to disc brakes.

Did Kelderman's disc brakes break his spokes? No, and here's why.

Wilco Kelderman blamed disc brake induced spoke failure for his Giro GC demise. Could overheating disc brakes really break spokes or is t...

Cool Tool Tuesday #9: The best setup and bleeding tools for hydraulic disc brakes

Everything you wanted to know about servicing your hydraulic disc brakes the pro way.

Cool Tool Tuesday #8: The best tools for installing hydraulic disc brakes

The go-to tools for caliper bolts, rotors, routing and cutting hoses, and more.

A sliced helmet and 45 stitches: Two pros caught in separate disc brake incidents

Gavin Mannion says his cuts were so clean 'it was almost like the rotor burned through it'.

Tech Mailbag #2: Drip-on wax chain lube prep and bedding-in new disc pads

It's time to answer more of your technical questions.

The Revolver Aeroto is an aero fairing for your disc brake rotor

Revolver's aero disc rotor fairings are most definitely not UCI-legal, offer dubious gains, and may hamper braking performance... I love it!

11 tips to keep your bike running through an industry parts shortage

Can't find the part you need in stock? These tips may help.

My Bike: Timo Roosen's Team Jumbo-Visma Cervelo S5

In this week's episode of That's My Bike, one of the unsung riders of the peloton, Timo Roosen, to chat about his new Cervelo.

Chris Froome is (mostly) right about disc brakes

But there's some stuff he leaves out, too

What’s up with Jumbo-Visma’s all-black Bianchis? It's all about the grams

Jumbo-Visma has certainly been attracting a fair bit of attention lately for its equipment choices, namely its preference for rim-brake b...

Are all bikes gravel bikes? Testing a theory in the Pyrenees

Marketing drivel, we all love it. Brands like to pitch their products as the ultimate in a set category. Be it the fastest, comfiest, the...

Park Tool's new universal brake bleed kits allow you to free up a hand

Hydraulic disc brakes are fast becoming the norm across all forms of bikes, and while they’re typically low maintenance, the hydraulic fl...

Nerd Alert Podcast: How to make the perfect disc brake

This week, James chats with brake engineer John Thomas about the difficulties in perfecting disc brakes, and how the very nature of the w...

Hope’s gorgeous new RX machined aluminum crankset brings color to gravel

British company Hope is best known for its diverse range of CNC-machined (and very colorful) aluminum mountain bike components, but the b...

Scott Addict RC 2020 first-ride review: Now aero’ized

It was 2007 when Scott first revealed its 790g ultra-light Addict platform. With it, Scott set a new benchmark for light and stiff racing...

Lighter than Lightweight? Partington’s 1,150g disc brake tubeless wheels

German brand Lightweight has long claimed the lightest and stiffest (and most expensive!) aero-inspired road bike wheels. However, it may...

Industry Nine i9.65 road disc wheelset review

Industry Nine is best known for its mountain bike wheelsets that feature brightly anodised hubs and spokes with a loud freehub and rapid ...

Basso Diamante SV Disc review

The Diamante has been the premier carbon road frame in Basso’s catalogue for several years, however it has always been a largely traditio...

Trial over: UCI authorises disc brake usage in road racing

The UCI has ruled that, from July 1 2018, the use of disc brakes in road racing (and BMX) is authorised. This announcement comes after ne...