How To Race In CrossWinds

Strong winds, such as crosswinds define many flat bike races. Daniel Lloyd takes you through the on-the-bike strategies, positioning, effort levels and equipment choices to help you take control in these situations.


Mistakes When Pulling Turns

I was walking along the beach the other day and noticed a flock of ducks flying in a “V” pattern.  I remembered an old joke that we used to tell each other when we were kids: Q. Why is one side longer than the other when birds fly in a “V”? A. Because there’s more …


Rolling Turns, Pacelining, Echeloning

There are a few different types of pacelines in cycling.  Each of them are required at different times and situations. 1. The Echelon .  To be used in crosswinds.   It’s an effective way to negotiate crosswinds and cut through them like a knife.  See this previous post for more about echelons .  Just one thing …


More on Crosswinds

I recently wrote a post about crosswinds and I’m going to do it again today.  It’s been a major theme of my past couple of races. I did this race in rural Australia called Scotty’s race .  It’s race for the Scott People’s foundation where Scott was tragically killed while training a couple years ago.  …


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