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Rapha updates Classic jersey and bibs with recycled materials

Rapha has updated its very first garment with new recycle fabric.

Mike Woods commits to a carbon-neutral race season

Woods will purchase carbon offset credits and make changes to his own lifestyle to decrease his environmental impact.

E-BIKE Act in Congress would provide tax breaks for e-bike purchases. Will it help?

E-Bike act to encourage use of e-bikes and reduce carbon emissions, but will it?

In the fight against climate change, should bikes be more like cars?

Can the cycling industry become more environmentally friendly, sell more bikes and encourage a circular economy?

Endura plants 1 million trees with the aim of being carbon negative

Apparel brand Endura says it is committed to planting 1 million trees, every year.

Cannondale's new bike packaging is better for the environment, your bike, and mechanics

Cannondale has announced it will move to fully recyclable packaging across its entire range of bikes. Last month we reported that Trek ha...

Nerd Alert Podcast: The disposable bike economy

Winter is coming, and so is new winter riding gear. Nerd Alert this week kicks off with a discussion about the new Assos winter jacket th...