Aussies abroad: the antipodean adventurers of Team Raleigh-GAC

It’s becoming more popular for Australians to go and race domestically in the UK, with teams such as Rapha-Condor-JLT and Raleigh-GAC seemingly taking on a handful of Australian recruits every year. Jono Lovelock spoke with three such Aussies – Mark O’Brien, Lachlan Norris and Sam Witmitz – to find out about the allure of moving to …


Girona: A Cycling City Built On A Legacy

I hope you all had an excellent long weekend and enjoyed a few good rides in this beautiful weather that nearly made up for our summer. I managed to get enough rides in to put me in the doghouse with Mrs. CT until the weekend. Today I’m pleased to introduce a guest writer who will be …


Spring in Cycling Mecca

Many of you Aussie cycling fans will know of Bethany Keats. Hailing from Geelong, she did a sensational job at covering the World Championships and earned a good name for herself in the cycling media. If you haven’t already, tune into her weekly Bicycle Show on 94.7 The Pulse on Saturday mornings (more info here). …


Paris-Roubaix | l’Enfer du Nord

What I absolutely love about the Classics is that every single race is fought for like it’s the World Championships. In most other sports, there’s always another game next week. In the Classics, only a handful of riders make the final selection there is no second chance until next year. Names go down in history books because …


From Tasmania to Europe, The Long Way Round

Photo by Veeral Patel, O’nev Photography Young Aussie cyclists have a few options to make it over to Europe and race in the big leagues. The AIS has the clearest and most obvious path, however there are a growing number of other options that may be better suited for developing cyclists. After a few years …


To Shave Or Not To Shave?

As cyclists, almost all of us shave our legs. Why? Whenever this question comes up from non-cyclists we all know the unwritten code: Easier for massage, cleaning and healing of road rash, it saves 5 seconds over a 40km TT, so the hair doesn’t get caught when you’re riding in the BIG RING, etc.


The Great Radio Debate

The debate on whether or not race radios should be used has hit another peak. In case you’re not familiar with the current rules, the UCI has forbidden race radios in all races lower than World Calendar status for 2011. This basically means that you won’t be seeing race radios during any race that’s not shown …


GreenEDGE Cycling – Australia’s New ProTeam Bid

Today dozens of journalists gathered in a conference room at the Hilton for the GreenEDGE Cycling press conference. This entailed the first official announcements of a new bid for an Australian ProTeam license for the 2012 season.


Pro secrets, quirks and superstitions

Last week I wrote a post that listed a few of the subtle things that pros do that make them who and what they are. I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and dig deep into the psyche and quirks of the seasoned pro. Some of these are hard fact, some of …


How much money do pro cyclists make?

A year ago I wrote a post about the basic structure of Professional Cycling. One of the questions often asked is “how much do Pro cyclists make?”.  Salaries in many other sports are openly discussed, but this topic is kept relatively quiet in pro cycling. While I’ve already scratched the surface of this topic in …


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